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genesis was created for
law firms seeking a realistic
way to break free from
the paper-based office.

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FeaturesThe features of genesis


Effortlessly allows most common file types to be loaded into genesis with a simple document drag-and-drop, folder-level import, or load files.


Provides a multitude of ways for attorneys to identify important documents, mark their relevant value, and retrieve them easily.


Converts files to PDF and provides the ability to split, merge, Bates stamp, reorder, OCR, and identify likely duplicates.


Easily extracts individual pages to create summaries and indices.


Allows for the review, search, annotation and redaction of documents and transcripts across most common devices and browsers.


Offers simple document export allowing for a myriad of formats, mark-up options, and data indexing.

Seamless Collaboration

genesis helps bridge the gap between the organizational tools that support staff needs to arrange case files and the review tools attorneys need to extract the critical information from the files and enter their work product. Having the functionality available in one tool makes sure the transition from one to the other is simple and efficient.

Paperless Office

Too often the barrier to a paperless office is unexpected complexities involved with adding or exporting documents in a digital system. genesis’ unique design removes those obstacles and makes the elusive paperless office attainable.

Remote Access

Your practice isn’t stationary, so why are your files? With a pronounced shift towards work-from-home and off-hours requirements, access to your case files should be available anywhere, anytime. genesis provides this with state-of-the-art security and data redundancy.

Intuitive Design

A great program won’t help if it’s too difficult to operate. genesis was built on the premise that there are certain basic elements that a firm must be able to do and do easily. Too many options lead to too many questions causing delay and hindering implementation. genesis handles the complexities behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about them.

What is the cost of a paper-based workflow?

On average, businesses spend $25,000 filling filing cabinets / storage space.
Each year, approximately 7.5% of a firm's paper documents are lost.
Employees typically spend 20% of their time searching for documents.

20 copies

average firm makes of one document

60 times / week

office workers visit a printer or scanner

250 hours / year

time spent filing paper documents

9000 pages

housed in a three-drawer filing cabinet

A flexible, modern workflowDesigned for attorneys looking for more control over their document management process.

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